you need to wait up to 50 years to extract the noblest of elixir. The Cohiba Cognac Extra.

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Cuba is an island, Cuba is a Caribbean gem. Cohiba is a sublime pure, who was born thanks to the magic of this unique land and the genius of its creator, Don Eduardo Rivera.
In 1963 Fidel Castro adopted this cigar for his personal consumption. Three years later this was baptized with the name "Cohiba"; for this was the word with which the natives denominavano tobacco before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. The Cohiba cigars began to be marketed in the world since the year 1982 . Since then the circle of its initiates has not stopped growing. nowadays, no other Habano enjoys such a level of excellence and a reputation as undisputed. he lacked only a friend to the skin, a constant companion. Now the met.

The sap that flows in the vineyards of Grande Champagne Cognac is not yet. Only the magical effect of the time and the passion of the men converted into pure gold. In 1819 Alexander Bisquit, a young man of just 20 years made his first distillery. Two centuries later, Bisquit had written a large page of the Cognac history. Genuine Product of the earth, the memory of knowledge, perfection of an art. In Lignères cellars, with their stills and their barrels are produced pure works of art. And you need to wait up to 50 years to extract the noblest of elixir. The Cohiba Cognac Extra.

Each of these spirits of Grande Champagne was selected with great care by Jacques Rouvière, "Master Bodeguero" Bisquit Undertaking, together with his Cuban comrade 'Habanos'. This particular care in the selection provides the perfect combination with the Cohiba cigars, and reserves the most exclusive emotions to the most discerning palates.

"I created the Cohiba Extra Cognac from a selection of our best barrels; some great champagne of 40/50 years. Their aromas of orange, almond and hazelnut, their slightly ancient flavors of plum and vanilla, wild, distinct characters, and strong turn it into the perfect companion to a good "Habano." during the tasting we go revealing a wonderful harmony between the two, in which no one surpasses and deletes the other ... perfect association, a shared happiness. "Jacques Rouvière - Master Distiller

Tasting notes

Color: Amber with golden highlights and mahogany shades.

Aroma: It has a very pleasant aroma and complex, without contrasts, intense and soft at the same time. of almond, hazelnut, honey, berries, chestnut, vanilla ... Delightfully old.

Taste: The meeting with the mouth is frank but without aggressiveness, with a delicious touch of bitterness. The distillate beautifully integrates delicacy and strength. Elegant, fresh, soft. Its structure closed at the same time and light, convert it to a very harmonious and balanced distillate.

Marriage with the Habano

They seem made for each other. The harmony is subtle and refreshing, with a great balance in the mouth.
The two elements correspond to and enrich each other. A delicious serenity that overwhelms and delights the palate ...

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