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Travel around the world and discover the most traditional drinks, meet the producers see their passion brewed in a glass ... Our passion culminates in this sector, the rare spirits industry to be tasted or collect.

Our collections of rum, cognac, whiskey, gin, bourbon, tequila, armagnac, vodka and brandy take shape and are enriched with important and rare labels, limited editions.

Tastings organized with experts and manufacturers of various types of refined distillates our combinations knowledge and our proposals with Cuban cigars, cigars Nicaraguans or the Italian Tuscany. You can read some of our advice in the pages dedicated to www.TabaccheriaToto13.it

Sale distillates buy liqueurs, calvados, brandy, gin, vintage rum, whiskey, brandy, traditional bitters, cognac and armagnac.

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Abuelo anejo 15 anos Cognac...

Suitable as a gift for soft, full-bodied and intriguing rum lovers. Aged 15 years in former Napoleon cognac wine barrels. Very fragrant...

Abuelo anejo 15 anos Port...

Suitable as a gift for fans of soft rums, intriguing sweets. Aged 15 years in barrels ex Porto Tawny wine. Very fragrant Panama rum....