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Torch Flashlight

Fenix LED flashlights, a lumen Explosion !!

  Portable flashlight, powerful and compact plenty of lumens in each model

Fenix has 3 different modes of light and burst system that allows the torch to reach the maximum power in a very short time.

The Fenix flashlights are made of aircraft aluminum with black anodized anti-abrasive finish

The fenix flashlights have lenses in ultra-clear tempered glass with anti-reflective coating

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The Fenix ​​ARE-C1 + battery charger is a clever and professional battery charger that allows you to charge two different types of battery at the same time.

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The RC11, this FENIX torch model, is the last frontier in the field of tactical lighting.

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FENIX RC05 solves the problem of firmly positioning the torch to illuminate the work area and have hands free because the base of the Fenix ​​RC05 torch is magnetic

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