Ser Jacopo

Sale pipe in handcrafted briar Ser Jacopo gem. jewel pipe Ser Jacopo.

Pipes Ser Jacopo della Gemma, personally and exclusively by hand are pipes produced, are the result of long and patient work.

Each pipe Ser Jacopo della Gemma is a unique and unrepeatable piece and the photos you see portray this unique pipe. If you need more pictures we will be happy to send them to you.

We cater to both the experienced smoker both the beginner and approaches for the first time to the pipe. For us and 'a quibble satisfaction of all

  that pipe smokers should know, on the various types of tobacco and anatomy of the pipe.

Choose your pipe Ser Jacopo and take advantage of our offers now!

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Canadian pipe in brown...

Canadian shape with a long, thin shank. Large cooker. Superior quality briar. Very balanced. Very light.

Mastro Geppetto Bulldog...

Classic Bulldog-shaped pipe. Pipe to use every day. Superior quality briar. Very balanced and light.