Cadenhead's Trinidad Distillers TMAH 19 y.o.Vol.68,3% Cl.70

Cadenhead's Trinidad Distillers TMAH 19 y.o.Vol.68,3% Cl.70

  • Distilled in 1991 bottled in 2011
  • TMAH indicates "Too Much Alcohol Here"
  • Aged 19 years in Scotland.

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Rum (in French rhum, English rum, Spanish ron) is produced by distilling an infusion of fermented sugar, coming from sugar cane, and water.

If you use pure canned sugar as sugar, you get a far superior quality agricultural rum, normally distilled with a discontinuous alembic, like the best cognac and scotch whiskey.
However, if molasses, which are the residue of sugar extraction from cane juice, are used for the infusion, an industrial rum is obtained, for which a column distiller is normally used.
Cadenhead, spins the world to visit the best distilleries and select the best rum products.
This rum is distilled at Trinitad and then aged in Scotland.
Distilled in 1991 was bottled in 2011 after 19 years of aging.
The TMAH indication indicates Too Much Alcohol Here for the alcoholic strength of 68.3 degrees.
Like the entire Cadenhead selection, this rum also converts to Scotland where it is bottled.
Cadenhead's selection rum comes from original barrels, aged in Scotland and picked and bottled individually in the same place, as Scotland is the world's region where alcohol ripening is the best and the most regular compared to all other countries .
The color of the rhum of the Cadenhead selection is determined by the aging of aging in oak barrels, but also by the product contained in the barrel in its prior use.
Scots experience and ability in the art of aging Whiskey is crucial in exalting the characteristics of a great Rum.

Notes Tasting:
On the nose: pink, jasmine, cherry.
On the palate: soft, dry, clean, with clear flavors of caramel, ending with a date flavor.
To Match Rum Cadenhead's Trinidad Distillers TMAH 19 y.o. with powerful cigars and aromatic loads such as Cohiba Piramides or Cohiba Maduro.
This Rum Cadenhead's Trinidad Distillers TMAH 19 yo. it certainly has nothing to envy to the more concentrated or better rum of the world.
Rum Cadenhead's Trinidad Distillers TMAH 19 y. is a rum for experts and collectors.


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