Fiamma Di Re

Pipe Flame of King by Andrea Pascucci sale online

The "Fiamma di Re" pipe manufactory in Pesaro is today one of the most quoted producers of root briar pipes and at the peak of success.
Since the 80s the Flame of King proposed high quality pipes in perfect Pesaro style.
The reason for the success is due to Andrea Pascucci, artisan owner of "Fiamma di Re", with his imagination and his continuous search for quality.
Starting from the technical part, to which it gives great importance to have an always pleasant smoke, he makes pipes respecting the grain and the design of the root.
The result is exceptional pipes, technically and qualitatively perfect, very light and elegant pipes.
Sometimes Pascucci of "Fiamma di Re" makes his fantasy wander and totally distorts the lines; thus obtaining unique pipes of both meaning and form.
The "Flame of King" pipes are wonderful pipes but to be used every day.
Tobacco pipes with classic shapes characterized by the personal, genuine vision of elegance by Andrea Pascucci.
Tabaccheria Toto13 is proud to offer "Fiamma di Re" pipes for online sales.
With the help and explanations of Andrea Pascucci we have selected the best pipes "Fiamma di re", the pipes with the best quality / price ratio to sell them online all over the world.
We will send you the "Flame of King" pipe all over the world that you will purchase on our site.

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