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Founded in 1872 by Simon Tissot Dupont as a goldsmith's workshop, only later is it recognized worldwide as the best manufacturer of lighters.

Over time, the S.T. Dupont, the emblematic product of the brand, has become a cult object transmitted from generation to generation like precious jewels!

The precious lighters and accessories for smokers S.T. Dupont fascinate with shapes, aesthetics, technology, quality and style.

They are a symbol of France like the Eiffel tower!

The care taken in processing, the precious metal, the manual application of China lacquer and the exceptional combination of the materials used, reflect the unique abilities transmitted from generation to generation that guarantee the excellence of the S.T. Dupont.

Toto 13 tobacco shop in Parabiago is ST Dupont's official authorized retailer since 2008.

The proposal for lighters and accessories for smokers is always evolving and every year is enriched with new, precious and interesting models.

We propose the S.t. Lighters Dupont of the official catalog and unique collector lighters, at the best price.

Discover from the cheapest to the vintage collection Dupont, take advantage of our low prices or discounts for Christmas!

Total guarantee with a complete lighter repair and maintenance service.

We have a careful laboratory to repair and restore lighters, certified quality.

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St. Dupont Defi Extreme...

Top of the range Jet Flame lighter produced by S.T. Dupont. The brushed copper version is the most beautiful of the St.Dupont Defi extreme...

St. Dupont Goldsmith...

A St.Dupont Line 1 lighter with perfectly small dimensions that turns into a key ring. A gadget for the modern girl who already has...

St. Dupont Le Grand satin...

The tilting rotor allows the selection of soft flame or jet flame. Cigar lighter with two selectable types of flame. Perfect lighter...