Ronson lighters return, fascinating timeless models, on line selling

Ronson Consumer Products Corporation was originally based in Somerset, New Jersey, United States.
Together with St. Dupont and Zippo it represents the myth in the world of lighters.
Ronson lighters are always icons of style and symbol of high quality.
Recall that the model Adonis and the Wartime, sturdy models of Ronson lighter, were the only lighters of the American armed forces in the 40s.
Always Ronson is the lighter of James Bond in the famous novel "from Russia with love" by Ian Fleming.
Timeless models like the Adonis the Varaflame or the timeless Ronson are nowadays sought after collector's items.
Today Ronson Lighter has resumed production thanks to the Japanese Windmill in Tokyo !!
We offer you the full range of Ronson lighters, from the most classic to the nostalgic petrol models.
As an advertisement of the 50s said ...
"Choose your quality lighter, choose Ronson!" In summertime, too ... there's nothing like a Ronson "

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