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For Gioacchino Sauro the desire to build his first pipe emerged when he decided to start smoking again, in 2009. Why not try?

The apprenticeship began by consulting books on the subject, video on you tube and close comparisons with the best Sicilian pipe makers always prodigal tips.

It was from this stimulus that Giacchino Sauro contact Mimmo Romeo, who is his teacher and welcomes him in his workshop, the happy start of this wonderful adventure.

Today Gioacchino Sauro is considered one of the best Italian pipe makers, with his own style and philosophy that is well embodied in his symbol, in the Sauro Pipe logo the wave.

Tabaccheria Toto13 is proud to present some of Gioacchino Sauro's most beautiful pipes.

Sauro pipes are artistic masterpieces, refined and sophisticated in shapes and materials. Pipes for design and pure form, enhanced in unusual wood compositions.

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Sauro pipe in briar clear...

The flaming of the briar follows and enhances the shapes of the Dublin pipe. Handmade mouthpiece in green marbled cumberland. Short...

Sauro pipe in briar clear...

A perfect briar pipe with a particular shape reminiscent of a Sicilian jar. Homage of Sauro to his land Sicily. Very high quality of...