Mouthpiece to smoke the Toscano cigar

It is becoming more and more common among smokers of the Italian cigar of kentuky, the famous Tuscan the use of the mouthpiece.

The use of the mouthpiece can satisfy various needs, both aesthetic, both in smoke dynamics and healthy.

Whether they are smokers from Toscano, De Amicis, Ambasciator Italico, Mastro Tornabuoni or Nostrano del Brenta, the mouthpiece allows them not to have contact with tobacco.

The use of special Tuscan mouthpieces, equipped with a filter, allows to break down the harmful substances of tobacco.

The special bitroncoconic shape of the "Tuscan" cigar, its particular rolling up completely by hand, are not to be underestimated in the choice of a mouthpiece.

These problems require a selection of mouthpieces for Toscano, valid, specific diameter, robust, aesthetically cared for.

It is not easy to find the perfect, functional, beautiful Tuscan mouthpiece.

We at Tabaccheria Toto13 have solved this problem by selecting the best tuscan mouthpieces or fumatoscani.

Selection of mouthpiece for Toscano, the Italian cigar, online sales.

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Briar mouthpiece with...

The conical hole makes it possible to firmly insert even the most irregular Tuscans. Great mouthpiece for smoking Tuscan cigars. Final...

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