Mastro Geppetto

Ser Jacopo della Gemma is famous for his high quality tobacco pipes.

Ser Jacopo's Mastro Geppetto line is the most modern production line.

A line of tobacco pipes devoted to the pursuit of quality, practicality but with the utmost attention to an excellent quality / price ratio.

The Mastro Geppetto line is composed of classic shaped pipes revisited in the forms and enhanced by the quality of the superior briar!

Mastro Geppetto's pipes are perfect but always at a reasonable price.

Mastro Geppetto pipes are very light and comfortable to handle.

They satisfy even the most demanding and expert smokers.

Each Ser Jacopo Mastro Geppetto pipe is a unique and unrepeatable piece and the photos you see portray this exclusive pipe.

The pipes of the Mastro geppetto line are an excellent gift idea for pipe smokers.

Come and discover these wonderful tobacco pipes.

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Geppetto straight brown...

Beautiful straight shaped pipe and octagonal brazier. Excellent value for money. Very balanced and light. Gift idea for pipe...

Straight billiard pipe in...

Quality pipe in glossy clear briar Classic shape, billiard. Octagonal torch Saddle mouthpiece. Comfortable.

Straight billiard pipe in...

Straight pipe, classic, immortal. Excellent value for money. Rustic red finish. hexagonal chimney base.