Ashton pipes are a discovery for all experienced smokers

Ashton pipes are a discovery for all smoking enthusiasts. They are pipes for enthusiasts, specialists and specialists, not for everyone.

Pipes that are appreciated with use, which immediately become a faithful and trusted friend of the pipe smoker.

Yes, because the philosophy of Ashton pipes is summed up in a phrase "Do not consider the pipe as something special but as a part of yourself."

You get there after years of research and you are amazed at how these famous English pipes are born, heirs of the famous Dunhill.

William “Ashton” Taylor has worked for Dunhill for twenty five years, producing one of the most beautiful pipes of the famous English brand of the white point.

But William “Ashton” Taylor's pipes are famous for the treatment that dries and lightens the briar, eliminating the tannins.

To this end, the heads of his pipes are now hardened in the boiling oil which gives them an excellent yield and avoids the appearance of the bitter taste, typical of fresh briar.

Alongside numerous personalized creations, the invention of the mouthpiece material should be mentioned.

Billy solved the well-known "rubber or acrylic?" producing a compound made up of the two materials, which he called asthonite, which he patented.

The mouthpieces of asthonite are not quite as soft as the rubber, which is comfortable to hold between the teeth, but they are in any case much more pleasant than those of acrylic that are hard.

On the other hand, they do not change color and retain their bright black color.

In his small factory, near the Oldchurch Rise in London, he produces, together with three collaborators, less than 3,500 artisanal pipes, we at toto13 tobacconist have selected the best.

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