Traditional Rum

Selection of traditional rums: territorial, authentic with personality

Traditional rums are molasses rums produced by a single distillery and continuously distilled with traditional column stills.

To be precise, distilled molasses brandy with traditional column stills, type Coffey or derivatives, of modest height and no more than two columns.

This distillation allows to obtain even light rums, but which still maintain the aromatic profile of the fermentation of the barrel. These distilleries are typically small in size

There are also Rums produced in large volumes with modern multi-column distillation systems.

From these rums the big producers are currently creating batches, very interesting limited editions.

In this category we present the best selection of traditional rums: territorial, authentic and with a great personality.

The classification can only be applied to rums that declare the distillery of origin, whether they are original bottlers of the same distilleries or independent bottlers.

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