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In the Zero alcohol category you will find better alcohol-free drinks

The new trend among artisanal distillers is called “non alcoholic distilled spirits”. In other words: alcohol-free spirits.

Why are we talking about alcohol-free spirits and not alcohol-free spirits?

The reason is simple: because "alcohol", by definition, must contain at least fifteen percent alcohol.

The term distillate, on the other hand, refers only to the condensed vapor that drips into an alembic. To put it roughly: a distiller herbal water.

Basically, the production of alcohol-free spirits does not differ much from alcohol-rich spirits.

For example, a gin is produced like a regular gin: Some flavors, such as those of citrus fruits, are very soluble in water, while others, such as juniper berries, are not soluble in water.

In this case, the aromas are extracted from the juniper with oil and sugar as an intermediate step and then added back to the water. Then the whole product is distilled and stored.

To replace the missing alcohol, it is necessary to give strong gustatory stimuli. Therefore, strong spices are used a lot.

Distillates and zero alcohol gins are not just the fashion of the moment, not to be missed in trendy parties, but with their tastes and aromas, they are able to satisfy the most demanding palates, maintaining benefits for the health of the body and driving license..

In the Zero Alcohol Category you will find the best alcohol-free drinks, alcohol-free wine and beer Made in Italy and abroad, to buy online, from the comfort of your home.

Thanks to its zero alcohol content, it can be drunk freely by everyone like any other non-alcoholic drink.

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