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What is the Clairin considered the spirit of Haiti?

Clairin is an "agricultural" rum, ie made from pure sugar cane juice (and not from molasses diluted in water, as happens for the product called "industrial rum").

It is very popular in Haiti, because it is considered "the rum of the people", also linked to the religious rites of voodoo and the popular cock fights.

The Clairin of Haiti are the first Slow Food Haitian Presidium, launched to accompany the work of rediscovery and enhancement of the Traditional Haitian Clairin carried out by Velier and Luca Gargano since 2012.

The Presidium was created with the aim of safeguarding Traditional Clairin, the unique heritage of Haiti, and of protecting the Haitian agricultural system, still uncontaminated by synthetic chemistry, giving Clairin producers the role of "defenders of the territory": their choices in terms of production they will in fact influence the future of Haiti.

The Clairin selected and bottled by Velier reflect the extraordinary diversity of Haitian products, both for the different distillation and fermentation techniques - spontaneous, without selected yeasts and no filtration - as for the original cane varieties, not hybridized, without any use of chemistry. in agriculture.

To enter the Velier range, the clairins must respect some strict rules, a real protocol:

- Sugar cane varieties must be indigenous and non-hybrid

- Their cultivation must be organic and follow traditional production techniques, without the use of synthetic chemicals (herbicides, fertilizers, fungicides ...)

- Harvesting must be done by hand

- The transport of sugar cane must be the old one (on the back of a mule or on carriages pulled by bulls)

- The fermentation of sugar cane juice must take place exclusively through natural yeasts, without the addition of industrial yeasts, without dilution with water, and must last at least 120 hours

- Distillation must take place inside stills with a maximum of 5 copper plates in direct contact with the fire

- The distillate must be bottled to the degree of release of the still

- Bottling must take place in Haiti.

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