Nonino Twist gingerspirit Vol.50% Cl.10

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Nonino Twist gingerspirit Vol.50% Cl.10
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  • As the Greek doctor Galen said already in 150 BC: "ginger lights up!"
  • Nonino Gingerspirit has an inimitable spicy, warm and peppery scent.
  • Distillate obtained from the maceration of Italian Ginger alone.
  • Suitable for preparing cocktails or gourmet dishes !!
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Great news in the Nonino family of spirits and among Italian spirits.

Nonino Twist GingerSpirit is the distillate obtained from maceration and distillation 100% with the artisanal method of only ginger of Italian origin.

It is unique in terms of innovation and research: the label reads "Spirits Drink" only because European legislation does not include ginger among the products of agricultural origin being distilled.

Nonino Twist Gingerspirit has an inimitable spicy, warm and peppery scent.

On the final citrus scent, a characteristic of the chosen ginger.

Suitable for enriching cocktails or Gin tonic, it can be used in the kitchen, on salads and raw fish.

As the Greek doctor Galen said already in 150 BC: "ginger lights up!"

But how was Nonino Twist Gingerspirit born?

Ginger is fermented in purity in an anaerobic environment in stainless steel vats, the fermentation time is a well-kept secret by Cristina Nonino.

Subsequently it is distilled in artisanal stills with discontinuous distillation.

100% distillation with artisanal method with the cutting of heads and tails, in particular exclusive discontinuous steam stills renewed by Benito Nonino for the distillation of particular raw materials such as fruit and ginger.

The distillation takes place very slowly to allow the volatile components, responsible for the aromas, a correct evaporation and consequent condensation while keeping intact the precious organoleptic characteristics.

The ginger distillate subsequently rests from six months to a year in stainless steel containers.

Production is limited, strictly dependent on the area and the vintage harvest and the difficulties of distillation.

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