Ginpilz london dry gin Vol.40% Cl.70

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Ginpilz london dry gin Vol.40% Cl.70
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  • The 16 botanicals used are all collected in the Trentino woods.
  • Gin scented with notes of juniper.
  • Perfect for gin and tonic.
  • Italian Gin.
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Gin Pilz is a gin produced in Trentino by the Pilzer company, a very particular gin obtained from the infusion of about 15 botanicals in alcohol.

The distillation is very different from that of Grappa or fruit spirits.

Finally, the great patience in waiting and as always, do not immediately dilute the distillate.

GinPilz a pure distillate, from the woods, complex but not too artificial, something that recalls the territories of the Dolomites, of Trentino.

Juniper berries other herbs combined with other peels and herbs that do not grow in the Trentino woods but are essential to give the right complexity to Gin.

Our mountains have given us another fundamental ingredient, water that flows pure from porphyritic rocks and therefore particularly light, perfect in the distillation and final dilution of Gin.

This gin is characterized by the botanical notes present, 15, and above all with a clear scent and flavor of Juniper, and then other sensations in a nutshell "an Italian Gin", it would not want to be drunk alone, but for example prepared with a excellent tonic water, refreshed by ice, corrected with a little Lime peel.

Very nice is also the image printed in the bottle, which indicates the game of curling, where the company wanted to insert it to give a particular meaning to the bottle, as curling is a game of training, passion, preparation but also a some luck.

The Curling game is not over and the Pilzers in their diminutive Pilz (Pilz in German means mushroom normally found in the woods) are still looking for something to add in the next GinPilz distillations.

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