Grappa Levi Romano Of The Wild Woman Arneis Vol 42% Cl.70

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Grappa Levi Romano Of The Wild Woman Arneis Vol 42% Cl.70
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  • Distilled from pomace of Arneis Piemontese.
  • Soft round, tasty but robust.
  • News among the Levi Serafino grappas.
  • Aged in mixed wood barrels.
  • A true Piedmontese grappa.
  • Distilled over high heat.
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The grappas of Lidia and Romano Levi are legendary here we have a novelty: the Levi grappa of Arneis.

A young and fresh grappa distilled over high heat with the beautiful pomace of Arneis.

When it comes to grappas, it is often wrong to think only of Romano.

They should be defined as GRAPPE DI LIDIA AND ROMANO LEVI, both because the distillery was the undivided inheritance of the brothers, and because Lidia, on the first floor of the house where she had isolated herself leading an almost monastic life, selected and made the very rare bottles of herbal grappa. .

Lidia was the elder sister, an exceptional woman, protective, severe and cautious; Romano speaks of her in an interview:

".... for me it helped a lot (her presence) because I certainly wouldn't be here at this point ... yes she is strict with me too and so she has been very useful in my work. She also works to make herbs which are works of art in bottles. For me it was very useful. "

But it is to Romano that we owe the great fame gained by his bottles of grappa for the handwritten labels and then enriched with poetic phrases or naive drawings, those little masterpieces that today we define as "WILD ART".

The distillery was built by Serafino Levi and was equipped, then as today, with a direct fire still, as we learn from one of the rare interviews released by his son Romano in 1991, where few expert craftsmen work, defined by Romano himself as "unaware" ... because unaware of the danger they run as high-fire stills can explode.

To use a high-heat still requires great skill and skill, but this procedure perfected by Romano Levi and still rigorously respected, guarantees the perfect maintenance of all the aromatic components, which are crucial for the organoleptic characteristics of Grappa.

Here we propose the Levi Arneis grappa of the wild woman aged 5 years.

The pomace of the great Arneis del Piemonte DOC - DOCG wines come from the Langhe, places where the vine has found one of its highest expressions; the resulting Grappa finds an extraordinary and exciting balance derived from tanning in underground pits.

Distilled only from the pomace of Arneis delle Langhe DOCG.

This tanning then passes into the discontinuous copper still, the only one in the world, still active on direct fire for the distillation of grappa.

Aging for five years in classic Piedmontese barrels of about 700 liters, in wood of different types of wood, stored in a room with the right humidity and at a constant temperature between 14 and 19 degrees C °.

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