Rhum Agricole J.M. Vieux Millesime' 2002 Vol.41,5% Cl.70

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Rhum Agricole J.M. Vieux Millesime' 2002 Vol.41,5% Cl.70
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  • J.M. Rhum Vieux vintage is distilled in 2002 and bottled in 2019.
  • Great gift idea for Agricultural rum enthusiasts.
  • Among the best rum aged 18 years.
  • Aged in ex bourbon barrels.
  • Agricultural rum of Martinique A.o.c.
  • Exceptional gift box.

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Finally available the new 2002 vintage of AOC agricultural rum from the J.M distillery aged 18 years.

J.M. Rhum Vieux vintage is distilled year 2002 bottled in 2019.

The small J.M distillery was founded in 1845 in the north-east of the island of Martinique and has gained world fame throughout its existence.

This top "Rhum Agricole" is distilled exclusively from the pure fermented juice of the sugar cane of its land, perched on the slopes of the volcano and facing the equator.

This allows a better maturation of the sugar cane.

The reeds, mechanically harvested, are ground to extract the sugary juice, the "vesou".

This is then left to ferment, then distilled with a column still ... historic.

The rum j.m. it is then aged in its own French Limousin oak barrels and mixed with spring water from the forest, a natural park that surrounds the Martinique volcano.

The name Contrôlée Martinique means that it is a rum without additions, such as sugar or caramel, and the strict controls of the European Community apply to this controlled name.

It has at least 18 years of aging in Bourbon barrels, aging that takes place in Macouba, in Martinique, near the sea and at the foot of the volcano.

Title 41.5 ° refined natural spirits when it is born and placed in cask.

Rhum Agricole JM vintage 2002 is an authentic and rare rum, a rum of great elegance and does not fear comparisons with the best Cognacs.

The long aging in French limousine oak barrels has enhanced the aromas of the sugar cane of the rum and softened, but not subdued, the alcoholic spirit

JM is famous for the sugar cane crops on the slopes of the Pelèe volcano, harvested just before distillation are among the best sugar cane in the world.

This rum distilled in 2002 ages for 18 years in small French oak barrels ex bourbon.

Time works the rum like a wise master.

During this long period, almost 60% of the initial volume of rum stored in the barrels evaporates.

Evaporation called "Part of the Angels".

Subsequently, the remaining JM rum ​​vintage 2002 is delicately bottled to preserve its delicate aromatic balance.

This JM rum ​​vintage 2002 single barrel, offers an opulent bouquet of fruity and vegetable aromas that give way to a round attack of generous aromas.

The final note of this JM 2002 rum expresses an incredible spicy scent.

This vintage JM is presented with leather tag and in a beautiful dark dark wood gift box.

Slowly enjoy JM at room temperature in a cognac glass, a balloon, paired with a robust Cohiba.

Well suited to Caribbean and Cuban cigars.

Distilled in December 2002, bottled on 10/04/2019.

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Data sheet

Raw material
Sugar cane juice
Surface finish
Aged in barrel
Relief plate
Country of Production
Recommended Tobacco
Aromatic Mixture
Alcoholic gradation
Bottle format
Wooden box
Type of production
Limited edition

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