Ancient grappa of Dolcetto distillery Luigi Barile aged 18 years vintage edition Vol. 42% Cl.75

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Ancient grappa of Dolcetto distillery Luigi Barile aged 18 years vintage edition Vol. 42% Cl.75
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  • The best grappa in Italy according to Veronelli.
  • Distilled in 176 bottled in 1994.
  • Collector's edition from 1976.
  • Distilled from dolcetto pomace.
  • Aged 18 years in barriques.
  • Piedmontese grappa.
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The best grappa in the world according to Veronelli, philosopher, journalist, writer and gastronome.

Grappa Barile aged 18 years in a particular vintage version.

Distilled in 1976 and bottled in 1994, the bottles are 75 centiliters.

Luigi Barile has made quality a philosophy of life.

He was born poor, he experienced misery, he had help and solidarity from generous men and masters of life, he fought and invested in himself. He understood that human existence is a bet.

He took the necessary risks, played and won.

Luigi Barile grappa is the distillate of all this.

Unlike all other spirits, grappa is such a natural product that it can be drunk immediately, as soon as the liquid, still hot, condenses.

Therefore it is born ready even if its taste can be softened with time.

This can happen with refinement or with actual aging.

The refinement takes place over one or more years in stainless steel tanks, but it is aging that gives a truly extraordinary product.

This is the purpose of the barrels stored in the cellars of the distillery, where, in the dark and in the right moisture content, the distillates age slowly.

The woods that hold this Luigi Barile grappa first contained whiskey and fragrant rums from the Antilles.

So carefully selected barrels, meticulously researched by Luigi Barile, who spares nothing in order to get the most out of his passion.

• Marc immediately distilled from the press in the still

• Distillation limited to 30 days and low yields

• Pair of discontinuous stills "in a bain-marie" Piedmont style, on a wood fire.

• 3/4 years of aging in stainless steel tanks

• Natural grappa in its pure state but rich in aromas

• Authenticity in the thousandths

• Selected 250 and 225 liter barrels and barriques

• Constant control of aging through sensory and taste analysis

• Soft bottling, without filtration shock

• Master Distiller with great passion.

Bain marie alembics, fresh dolcetto marc, heat developed with wood fire.

And a teacher, Luigi Barile.

"Barile grappa is the best in Italy"; this exclaimed Luigi Veronelli after tasting it in Monferrato.

The Wine & Spirit Jury that awarded her the international prize in London has the same opinion.

It obtained the silver medal in the Brussels distillates competition and, at the G8 in Genoa, offered at the end of the convivial meeting, it received compliments and thanks from the heads of state.

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