Zippo Torch internal replacement for double jet flame gas

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  • Turn the Zippo from a gasoline lighter into a butane gas lighter.
  • Solves many problems with the Zippo lighter.
  • Replacement for original Zippo lighter.
  • Push-button electric ignition.
  • Suitable for lighting cigars.
  • Easy to replace.
  • Double flame flame flame.
  • Butane gas supply.
  • Adjustable flame.
  • Metal body.
  • Chrome finish.
SKU: 299

Everyone knows the Zippo lighter and knows that it is fueled with petrol, with liquid fuel, which generates some problems.

Losses of combustible liquid, difficulty in refilling, aromas in the combustion phase, inability to regulate the flame, problems in lighting a cigar or a pipe ... these are some of the problems generated by the Zippo lighter's combustion liquid.

Zippo itself wanted to find a solution to all these problems. He created Zippo Torch!

He created an original Zippo insert, in metal that contains butane gas and a double flame jet flame mechanism.

Replacement interior for zippo lighters, transforms the traditional Zippo lighter into petrol in a windproof gas lighter.

Original Zippo, equipped with double flame Jet Flame is recharged with butane gas.

The flame is adjustable and can be easily refilled with butane gas, just extract it from the Zippo.

Insert for Zippo lighters able to vary the ignition mode and the use of fuel from gasoline to gas with double flame turbo wind.

The change is quick and easy, just replace the entire gasoline body with the Zippo gas insert.

This accessory for zippo lighters is equipped with a double flame anti-jet jet flame model and convenient electric piezo button ignition.

Suitable for trouble-free lighting of cigars and Tuscans.


36 x 52 mm thickness 12 mm

Construction material: metal.

Finish: polished chrome.

Adjustable flame.

Rechargeable with butane gas.

Suitable for all regular models.

Weight: Gr.50

Equipped with Zippo box and warranty.

Due to postal regulations introduced in 2013, we are no longer authorized to ship lighters containing gas. The lighter will be supplied unloaded and must therefore be filled with gas on receipt.


Data sheet

Raw material
Surface finish
Polished chrome
Type of production
Type of flame
Jet flame
Butane gas

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