All items for sale are available for immediate delivery and physically present in our warehouse, intact, in perfect condition and ready, once purchased and received payment, to be immediately shipped.

Tabaccheria Toto13 uses for shipments in Italy the express courier GLS Express (first option), for shipping with valuables we recommend the express courier DHL Express and insurance.

For international shipments, Tabaccheria Toto13 uses the DHL express courier services.

Advice and precautions
In Tabaccheria Toto13 we like to be clear and honest.

The problem in this case, however, is related to the amount of reimbursement in case of goods received damaged during transport: the standard refund is a few euros per kg and the draw for obtaining it is often long and tortuous.

Much better not to get to this point.

We recommend shipping and damage insurance for only € 6.00.

The insurance covers the visible and not visible damage, the partial or total lack of the contents and the loss or theft of the package.

Any damage to the packaging and / or items, or the partial or total lack of items must be challenged no later than 24 hours via email.

To take advantage of the Shipping Insurance, it will be sufficient to send us a photographic proof of the damage within 24 hours from receipt

The shipment of your purchase is usually made within 36 hours of receipt of payment. Orders received after 12.00 on Friday will be prepared and shipped the following Monday.

Always accept the goods by placing the word "With Reserve" above the signature of acceptance or on the terminal of the delivery operator, and in doing so declares that you are accepting the package but reserves the right to verify that the content is intact.

This allows the courier to contest any invisible damage.

The risk of loss and damage to the Product, due to reasons not attributable to Tabaccheria Toto13 or to the courier, is transferred to the User when the Product is physically in possession of the latter, or a third party appointed by him to collect the Product.

Shipping phases

Fill out the form on the address carefully.

Always indicate your secure telephone number to facilitate the rapid solution of any problem during shipment or delivery.

For shipments with DHL courier you can request delivery in Fermo Deposito at a DHL Point, doing so you can collect the package yourself when you're comfortable, eliminating the problem of home delivery.

Upon collection of the package at our warehouses you will receive an email confirmation of shipment with the courier and the number of traking indicated.

All our shipments are express shipments !!

Tabaccheria Toto13 guarantees delivery within 2 working days for orders placed from Monday to Friday before 12.00. Working days are from Monday to Friday.

For countries outside the EEC and remote places Islands, delivery may require an additional day.

Shipping cost

Shipping costs may not be changed by Tabaccheria Toto13, it being understood that any modifications will not prejudice in any case contracts already concluded before the modification.

By purchasing more items the shipping costs are not added. You only pay once and the items will all come together in the same package.

If one of the items includes FREE shipping costs then we ship all items for free.

Shipping stock and delivery impossibility

In the case of repeated inability to deliver the order for non-availability of the customer and subsequent failure to collect within 8 days. working of the warehouse at the courier warehouses, the order will be automatically canceled.

All costs related to transportation, storage and return to the sender will be charged and retained from the reimbursement of the payment.

Force majeure and fortuitous circumstances

Tabaccheria Toto13 will not be in any way responsible for any eventual failure due to force majeure or fortuitous events, such as fires, explosions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods, avalanches, wars, popular uprisings, riots, strikes, declaration of state of calamity in general, as well as for the non-compliances deriving from any other unpredictable and exceptional cause that prevents the delivery of the Shipping Service according to the normal procedures set out in the contracts and general shipping conditions.

Packaging material and protection of the planet

To box and pack your order we use tested and tested packages for shipments in accordance with ISO 9002, approved by DHL and UPS.

These packages, although new, are made up of 99% recycled materials: boxes, cartons, newspapers, document cuttings.

Only in special cases (fragile objects, bottles, expensive objects) we use plastic packaging.

Through this choice we reach three fundamental objectives:

· Less waste of resources through the reuse of material still in good condition.

· Lower operating costs reflected in a reduction in packaging costs (almost zero) and transport to the full advantage of the end customer.

· Easy and fast disposal of packaging (paper and cardboard only) by the final customer.