Straight billiard-shaped pipe with contrasting polished briar finish

  • Classic pipe form for straight tobacco, very light.
  • Superior quality polished briar with colors and contrast.
  • Thin mouthpiece in dark green methacrylate.
  • Ring in white galalite
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Francesco Ganci is a young Genoese craftsman who produces high quality tobacco pipes.

He started to carve pipes relatively late but today he is one of the most quoted Italian manufacturers of briar pipes and at the height of his success.

Francesco Ganci had important masters including his friend Mimmo Romeo.

The reason for its success is due to its ability to masterfully handle instruments, chisels and knives, to its pragmatism, its imagination and its continuous search for quality.

In complete solitude, drawing inspiration from nature or the surrounding world, in the luthier's laboratory, he thinks and realizes his new pipes ... true works of art.

He sculpts the shapes by hand using exclusively Italian briar with his proper seasoning supplied by Mimmo Romeo.

The minimum aging of the briar is over 5 years and takes place at controlled temperature and humidity.

Starting from the technical side, to which he gives great importance to have a always pleasant smoke, Francesco Ganci makes pipes respecting the grain and the design of the briar.

Before producing and selling a pipe, Francesco Ganci, with the experience of the luthier, tastes the softness and flexibility of the briar; then, as a great passionate smoker, he tests the shape, the handling, the lines, the angles, the dimensions, the balance of the tobacco pipe.

Exceptional pipes are created, technically and qualitatively perfect, very light and elegant pipes.

Wonderful pipes considered among the best in the world but to be used every day.

Tobacco pipes with classic shapes characterized by the genuine personal vision of elegance by Francesco Ganci.

Here we propose a pipe symbol of the production of Ganci, the classic billiard tobacco pipe with a briarwood with contrasting color.

For the classic straight pipe, Francesco took inspiration from the classic, elegant pipe lines.

a free hands pipe completely worked by hand with patience, following and enhancing the briar.

The straight pipe with contrasting briar is small, but slender, light and snappy, transmits dynamism!

The Ganci straight pipe has a glossy natural contrast finish that enhances the quality of the briar.

The design of the briar, like a painting, wraps the pipe and the short shank that closes with a flock of galalite.

Ganci has contrasted a mouthpiece in green cumberland, very worked and with thin lines.

A show!!

This makes the pipe very elegant, a sculpture pipe, a masterpiece, suitable to be shown in worldly events.

But the free hands pipe by Ganci is very light and smokes very well.

Each Ganci pipe is a unique piece and the photos you see portray this exclusive pipe, the same, once purchased, will be removed from the catalog.

If you need more detailed photos, we'll be happy to send them to you.



1) width 132 mm

2) height 47 mm

3) depth 36 mmm

4) chimney diameter 19 mm

5) 35 mm fireplace depth

Thin mouthpiece made of handmade cumberland, marbled dark green color.

Flock in galalite 12 mm.

Mouthpiece diameter 8 mm. No filter.

Weight: 34 grams

Shape: classic billiard

Finish: contrasting top quality briarwood.

Stamping: F.Ganci signature.

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