Gin del Professore A La Madame Vol.42,9% Cl.70

Gin del Professore A La Madame Vol.42,9% Cl.70

  • Warm, savory and balsamic Gin, with a resinous and floral finish.
  • Italian Gin.
  • Limited Edition 7200.
  • Edition 2018.
  • Second release.
  • Great gift idea for gin enthusiasts.
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The care that the Quaglia distillery has placed in the creation of this Dry gin is exceptional.

Often when you are looking for a Dry gin that is different from mass production, but with a strong character, research becomes a problem.

The solution to this problematic research is given by the Madame professor's gin.

The Gin del Professore comes from an idea by Carlo Quaglia, the historic Piedmontese distiller, Federico Ricatto, known chef and the boys of the "Jerry Thomas Speakeasy" of Rome.

The idea was to create a Gin of other times, strongly linked to the Piedmontese tradition and distant from the Gin currently on the market, the goal was centered

Professor's Gin À La Madame provides a skillful blend of herbs and spices including juniper, tansy, zedoària, cassia and others, which give life to an unusual and amazing product for the freshness and intensity of spiciness

The master distiller Federico Ricatto decided to take a different route.

Quail distills the botanical components separately in order to preserve only the "heart" of the distillation of each component which is then carefully mixed.

Professor Madame's gin is ideal to taste smooth, in catering it goes perfectly with cheeses.

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