Grappa Mjere reserve from Negroamaro grapes Vol.43% Cl.70

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Grappa Mjere Riserva da uve di Negroamaro Vol.43% Cl.70
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  • Produced only during the best vintages, when the pomace obtained with Negramaro grapes from Puglia are rich in perfume.
  • Distilled in Trentino with a discontinuous bain-marie method.
  • Great gift idea for Italian grappa enthusiasts.
  • Aged in oak barrels.
  • Soft and fragrant grappa.
  • Beautiful packaging.
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The union between two great Italian producers, Michele Calò and Bruno Pilzer, the union between the two regions of Puglia and Trentino, at the antipodes of Italy creates a masterpiece Grappa Mjere di Negroamaro.

The Grappa Mjere is distilled in Trentino by the friend Bruno Pilzer, one of the most qualified Italian distillers, with the classic discontinuous bain-marie.

Grappa Mjere is produced precisely during the best vintages, when the pomace obtained with Negramaro grapes are rich in aroma, juice and colors, necessary elements to obtain a high quality product.

The Negroamaro raisins are sent from Puglia to Trentino, at a controlled temperature with a journey that lasts only one day, to keep all the aroma and flavors intact.

The slow distillation made by Bruno Pilzer has given this Negroamaro grappa a precise but balanced fragrance that expresses the freshness of its marc.

The taste is clear and intense, typical of red marcs.

Aged Negroamaro Grappa Mjere is aged for a long time, for at least twelve months, in fine wooden barriques, which absorbs the delicate essences and enriches itself with numerous pleasant elements.

With a pleasant vanilla scent, it has a round and persistent taste.

Tasting notes:

Color: Pale golden yellow color.

Bouquet: On the nose, pleasant scent of vanilla and oak.

Taste: A round, warm and persistent taste in the mouth.

The Negroamaro Mjere grappa is to be paired with the President's Tuscan or challenging the competition, with Orciolo by Mastro Tornabuoni whose biological tobacco comes from Col d'Orcia, Montalcino.

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