Zippo Angel Wings, engraving two color tones

Zippo Angel Wings, engraving two color tones

  • Two-tone color engraving.
  • Zippo news.
  • Collectible Zippo.
  • Sturdy and reliable lighter
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Zippo Angel Wings is a particular Zippo with an engraving of two angel wings.

The two-tone engraving is a Zippo characteristic.
Through a deeper incision the brass of the Zippo case is brought to light obtaining an engraving with two colors.
The Zippo Angel Wings and is embellished with engravings of angel wings with feathers alternating in golden and steel colors.
The main characteristic of Zippo is to have maintained, from 1932 to today, an almost identical line.
it is precisely its strength and its shape that makes the Zippo lighter characteristic and famous.
Fuel supply
Mechanical ignition at Pietrina
Case completely in satin chromed brass.
ZIPPO Standard measures:
55mm x 40mm
Thickness 10mm.
Weight 60g.
Original Zippo cardboard box and official warranty.


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