Zippo tiger dragon design

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Zippo tiger dragon design
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  • Zippo Tiger Dragon Design is dedicated to all those who are fascinated by oriental philosophies.
  • On the case of the Zippo are the symbols of Yin and Yang encircled by a tiger and a dragon.
  • Very nice, reliable, sturdy lighter.
  • The best lighter in the world.
  • Great gift idea.
  • Low price.
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New Zippo model, a truly extraordinary lighter.

On the gold-colored bare brass case, an engraving bears the symbol of Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang are the symbol of the universe and are surrounded by the engraving of a tiger that bites the tail of a dragon.

The dragon in turn bites the tiger on its tail in a circle that symbolizes the ancestral forces of the universe that are opposed in the cosmic balance.

The Zippo Tiger Dragon Design is dedicated to all those who are fascinated by oriental philosophies.

The incision of the dragon with the tiger wraps the Zippo, while the symbol of the Yin and the Yang stands out centrally.

The engraving is obtained with a particular procedure on the Armor case, the zippo lighter's case thicker and heavier.

The Zippo case is left bare, in polished brass and looks like gold.

The main characteristic of the Zippo is that of having maintained, from 1932 to today, an almost identical line; it is precisely its form that makes it characteristic and famous.

The Zippo limited edition Tiger Dragon lighter is the ideal gift for all lovers.

Fuel liquid fuel, this Zippo is easy to load.

Mechanical ignition with indestructible stone.

Case completely in brass

Standard ZIPPO measurements: 55mm x 40mm

Thickness 10 mm.

Weight 80g.

Original Zippo packaging and warranty.

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Data sheet

Fuel liquid
Type of flame
soft single
Raw material
Surface finish
polished brass
Engraved decorations
Country of Production
United States of America
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