Chartreuse V.E.P. yellow Vol.42% Cl.100

Chartreuse V.E.P. yellow Vol.42% Cl.100
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  • This liqueur production is considered among the finest in the world, this is due to the extraordinary blend of aromatic plants
  • Sweeter and milder yellow Chartreuse.
  • 1 liter bottle
  • Wooden box.
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Chartreuse V.E.P. Bottled Vol.54% Cl. 100

The monastery of the Grande Chartreuse is the first monastery of the Carthusian Order founded in 1084 by Father Bruno, the Ordre des Chartreux is currently one of the oldest orders of Christianity.

We are in June 1084 and Bruno recognizes the place where today stands the monastery the place that God has given to St. Pierre de Chartreuse near Grenoble to 1190 meters above sea level at the foot of the Alps.
Still the monastery can not be visited, the Carthusians are cloistered monks.
The monastery is still in walking distance with 30 minutes' walk from the parking lot. A museum of the history of the monastery and the order is the only part open to visitors.
The Carthusian order was born from the desire of radical following of the Benedictine rule, of 7 young monks.
The chartreuse remains a place of silence and prayer until the French Revolution in 1792 when precisely is closed and looted as most of the French abbeys.
The monks will fall in 1816 and riespulsi in 1906 following the French anti-clerical policies. Only in 1940 the parent company will regain its Carthusian monks, until today.
In 1810, Emperor Napoleon decides that the secret recipe elixir must be submitted to the Minister of the Interior as the elixir will be managed by the state. Mr. Liotard, which had been given the recipe by monks imprisoned by the revolutionaries, responds to the Ministry manuscript containing the injunction to give up the secret recipe, placing the word "Rejected" on the back. After the death of Mr Liotard, the documents returned to the Monastery of the Grande Chartreuse to which the monks have returned in 1816.
In 1838, the formula has been adapted to produce a sweeter and less alcoholic liqueur, Chartreuse Jaune, 40 degrees. In 1903, the Carthusians were expelled from France, for their production of this liqueur was at that time the best source of livelihood, so started a distillery in Tarragona in Spain in the manufacture of liquor. During this same period, the French State sell their brand to a liquor establishing the new brand "Fermière de la Grande Chartreuse". The company, whose production has nothing to do with the true Chartreuse ceases its activities in 1929.

The monks resumed their distillation in France at their Fourvoirie former distillery built in 1860 at the Monastery of the Grande Chartreuse.
The monks work in the greatest secrecy, and are the only ones to be familiar with the details of the production. Today as yesterday, the formula remains a mystery that modern methods of investigation can not penetrate. The liqueurs produced by the Chartreux Fathers do not contain chemical additives. Their colors come from the same plants used.
Elixir aged in large wooden barrels, the monks get a Chartreuse particularly noteworthy quality; called "Chartreuse Vep" (Viellement estention Particular). The production, necessarily limited, is presented in bottles of 50 cl and 1 liter, which faithfully reproduces those used in 1840. Entering in the cellars of the Chartreuse is going back in time: it seems to be in the cellars of a great winemaker.
This production liqueur is considered among the finest in the world, this is due to the extraordinary blend of herbs, but also to a wise aging liquor, now uncommon practice by large liquor manufacturers, because uneconomical.

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