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Caroni 1996 Guyana 23 y.o. Blended Tasting Gang Vol.63,5% Cl.70

Caroni 1996 Guyana 23 y.o. Blended Tasting Gang Vol.63,5% Cl.70

  • The last Caroni rum bottling from the Ceremony Selection collection.
  • This is a blend of the 173 remaining barrels of Caroni rum owned by Luca Gargano.
  • Born from the collaboration with 23 enthusiasts during the Cognac tasting.
  • Heavy rum, intense aromas and flavors.
  • Few bottles available.
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The Caroni rum 1996 Blended Tasting Gang aged 23 years in Guyana, is a very special edition that saw 23 enthusiasts, participants in the creation of this blend.

The Caroni distillery ceased production in 2002, a production of excellent rum lasting 84 years.

However, various Caroni rum stocks have remained around the world.

Jealously guarded barrels that age under the Caribbean sun.

In 2004 Luca Gargano discovered 173 barrels within the Caroni distillery.

Distilled in 1996 it suffered a double aging, until 2008 it aged in Trinitad then it was transferred to Guyana where it remained until 2017.

In 2018 the remaining Caroni rum barrels were transferred to Cognac, France.

On 12 April 2019, 23 Caroni rum lovers from all over Europe or the Tasting Gang met in Cognac to taste the last 173 Caroni barrels from Trinidad and Guyana.

From this taste and from their discussions, the Caroni 1996 Blended Tasting Gang23 rum was born, a blend of 22 different barrels which, in turn, before being left to age, were the result of an assembly of rum light and heavy rum.

This incredible 23-year-old rum has been bottled to a high degree (high proof) to keep all its flavor notes intact.

We must therefore taste it bearing in mind that it has a high alcohol content.

Distilled from Caroni in 1996 and aged for 23 years with a product loss of 85%, it is bottled by Velier in 2019 in very few bottles.

All the Caroni 1996 Blended Tasting Gang rum bottles feature a photo of the 23 passionate participants in the creation of this exceptional Rum Caroni.

Tasting notes:

Balanced and intense, this cult rum version of the island of Trinidad and Tobago is characterized by a vanilla flavor, of citrus fruits, beeswax and white flowers.

The nose is well perceived aromas of molasses, tar, coffee, candied lemon, black currant, very ripe banana and vanilla.

The evolution in the glass is spectacular, just wait and the Caroni 1996 Blended Tasting Gang rum gives new sensations to every taste.

We recommend a combination of Caroni rum with the president's Tuscan or Cohiba Magicos.

If you are a fan of slow smoking, we recommend combining this extraordinary Caroni rum with the Samuel Gawith Perfection.

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Raw material
Surface finish
Aged in barrel
Country of Production
Trinidad & Tobago
Alcoholic gradation
Full Proof
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