Scheer-Velier rum MMW Wedderburn tropical aging / continental aging Vol.max 69,1% Cl.70 cad.

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  • Comparative Jamaican rum tasting and tasting aged 11 years.
  • Two bottles of the same Monymusk rum aged in two different environments.
  • Experience the diversity between a Caribbean aged rum and an aged one in Europe.
  • Scheer-Velier rum Monymusk MMW Wedderburn aged 11 years.
  • Bottles not sold separately.
  • Two bottles one package.
  • For comparative tasting.
  • Collection pack.
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The Dutch E&A Scheer are among the most important rum traders in the world.

Originally E&A Scheer was founded as a shipping company in the 18th century, with a fleet of ships involved in the triangular trade of goods between Europe, Africa and the West Indies.

Among the goods transported, rum and sugar cane products became the core business.

Scheer, like Velier, is a rum company specializing in the import, mixing and marketing of bulk rum, Batavia Arrack and Cachaça.

Scheer with centuries of experience, mind Velier with 70 years of research in the Caribbean and a rum guru, Luca Gargano!

For the first time in 305 years Scheer agrees to put his name on a label and does so with Velier.

Rum is available in a huge variety of characters and types: non-aged rum, aged rum, distilled column rum, distilled rum with potstill and so on.

Rum is produced in the climates of cane cultivation in many islands / countries / regions of the world.

Each origin has its own styles and traditions.

Fermentation methods vary widely from those industrially controlled to naturally wild ones.

Rum is produced in a wide range of stills, from very artisan stills to modern multi-column stills.

In E&A Scheer and Velier have all the types of rums available, which allows us to offer the full range of styles, flavors and tastes available.

From this union between E&A Scheer and Velier a special MMW Wedderburn rum couve of the Monymusk Distillery is born.

This release gives the possibility to realize a dream of many rum lovers: compare two Jamaican rums, produced in the same distillery, aged for the same time, 11 years, one in the distillery in Jamaica and the other in Liverpool.

It will be a unique opportunity to make a comparative tasting of tropical and continental aging for both the MMW style Wedderburn mark and the EMB style Plummer mark.

These are two Vatted Single Rums, distilled in Pot Stil at the Monymusk Distillery.

The Tropical Aging is a blend of 2 MMW 2008 cask and 10 MMW 2007 cask totally aged in Jamaica (Foreign: 315.6 gr / hpla).

The Continental Aging is a blend identical to the tropical one: 2 MMW 2008 cask and 10 MMW 2007 cask, aged, however, in Europe (Foreign: 243.5 gr / hpla).

The tasting of these two blends offers the incredible possibility of noticing the differences between tropical and continental aging.

In the former, in fact, the faster evaporation of the distillate makes it more complex, enhancing the aromatic range at the expense of quantity.

The second, instead, enjoys more rigid temperatures during aging which considerably reduce the percentage of angel shares.

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