Lighter St Dupont Initial line brushed chrome

  • The best St.Dupont Inital lighter with excellent value for money!
  • New line classic St.Dupont lighters.
  • Measures contained.
  • Made in France.
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Initial is the new line of classic S.T. lighters Dupont, with all the features of quality and refinement Dupont but with a more affordable price.

The classic St. Dupont lighter has been revised, improved and modernized, this is the basic idea of ​​Dupont Inital.
St. Dupont Initila combines the purity of design with an extremely reliable mechanism.
Here we have a Dupont lighter Initial line with a brushed chrome finish.
The materials chosen are always of the highest quality and give the lighter an unparalleled elegance.
Body and lid of the St. Dupont Initial are made from a solid bronze block that gives strength to the whole lighter.
The ignition rotor is cylindrical, worked like a Greek column, aesthetically perfect!
It combines the purity of design with an extremely reliable mechanism.
The Dupont stone mechanism is very reliable and does not lose an ignition.
In the St. Dupont Initial the ignition mechanism is made of stone, with a classic and comfortable rotor that can be operated easily.
Characteristic "Cling" Dupont sound when the cover is opened.
Flame regulation and refill valve placed on the bottom of the lighter.
The flint compartment for ignition keeps the classic and beautiful slide mechanism.
The glossy chrome finish allows this lighter to face the signs of aging without aging.
In the event of a fall, the particular Dupont chrome-finishing process allows the finish to not splinter but only dent.
The St.Dupont Inital lighter has excellent value for money!
S.T. Dupont is a French company specializing in the creation and manufacture of luxury personal items, lighters, fountain pens, ballpoint pens, leather goods, luggage, prêt-à-porter, perfumes, luxury accessories.
Paris is the registered office of the company S.T. Dupont, while in Faverges there is the main production unit.
ST Dupont gift box

Warranty: Made in France. 24 Months International.
Packaging: Original St-Dupont box
Spare stones: standard.
Gas for refilling: green.

Height 56 ​​mm
Width 35 mm
Depth 11 mm
Weight 93 g


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