St. Dupont mini jet for satin chrome finish candles

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St. Dupont mini jet per candele finitura cromo satinato
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  • The St.Dupont lighter returns in the extra long table version.
  • Improved jet flame mechanics.
  • Suitable for lighting cigars.
  • Suitable for lighting candles.
  • Suitable for lighting stoves.
  • Suitable for lighting fireplaces.
  • Suitable for barbecue lighting.
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The special St. Dupont table lighter for lighting candles, stoves, barbecues ...

Its long and slender shape, with an elegant satin chrome finish, makes it perfect to be left on the desk or on the living room table.

The St. Dupont Mini jet lighter is very famous for its powerful flame and small size.

With a powerful blue flame, this St.Dupont table lighter is the perfect decorative object to light up any candle in an instant, both inside and outside, or to light the barbecue.

The elliptical, flattened and slender shape of the Mini Jet Dupont table lighter also allows it to be held in the pocket.

Perfectly sized, it is placed in the hand and lights up with just the push of a large button.

A Dupont unisex lighter suitable for men and women, elegant and high quality!

The contrast between the chrome button and the body of the Dupont satin lighter is very beautiful.

New updated and improved version 2017, with a reliable and tested mechanism.

The flame is more intense and stable and the exit hole has been ovalized to transform the flame into a fire blade.

The Dupont table is in the most classic of finishes, satin chrome.

The satin chrome finish makes this thin lighter perfect, timeless, always beautiful.

Perfect for Cuban or Caribbean cigars but also for Tuscans.

A splendid example of craftsmanship and skill, extreme quality.

The large chrome button for lighting the Dupont lighter is very easy to operate.

St. Dupont always uses precious and refined materials for a piece of exclusive beauty.

Warranty on manufacturing defects ST Dupont 24 months.

Personalized white gift box.

Measurements in mm 184 x 25.

Thickness in mm 12.

Weight 130 g.

Note that:

Due to postal regulations introduced in 2013, we are no longer authorized to ship lighters containing gas.

The lighter will be supplied unloaded and must therefore be filled with gas on receipt.

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Data sheet

Butane gas
Type of flame
Jet flame
Raw material
Surface finish
Satin chrome
Country of Production
Type of production
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